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The following is a list of questions I am most frequently asked. If you have a question or a comment that is not here,
please e-mail me. I will contact you with an answer as soon as I can.
 What are points?
My definition of points is that they are interest rate stabilizers. As interest rates bounce around from day to day, the banks change the amount of points charged instead of changing the interest rate.  It appears that 1 point changes the rate by @.25%.  The more points you pay the lower the rates or vise versa.  Most buyers, at least recently, seem to be opting for the no point loans.  Points were more prominent when interest rates were higher.  1 point is equal to 1% or your loan amount, typically paid at closing and tax deductible in the year paid.
 Who pays the Realtors commission?
  This is a great question with a chicken and the egg answer.  You decide.  Typically, the real estate commission is paid out of the seller's proceeds at the closing.  The argument that the buyer pays the commission is valid because they are the one bringing the money to the table, but the seller retort is also valid because the buyer walks away with 100% of the house and the seller walks away with only 94% of the money (assuming a 6% commission).  I can't make the call.  I'm just glad somebody paid me!!!  
 What services can I expect from you when you list my house for sale?
  When you list your home with me, you put my 10+ years of experience to work for you!!  I will prepare a market analysis to determine price range we need to be in and I will prepare an estimated proceeds sheet determining what cash you can expect at closing.   Then you get my "shotgun" approach to marketing:  exposure in The Real Estate Book, House of Broker Showcase of Homes, The Missourian, an IPIX Virtual Tour, coverage in my monthly newsletter, color flyers in house, flyers in sign box in front yard, possible open houses, broker and office open houses, internet advertising!!!

Further I will make recommendations about how to put your home in its best "show" condition.  And finally, I will walk you through the process all the way to closing, looking out for your best interest along the way!!!!

Call me today for a free market analysis!!!

 What is a CRS?
  This stands for Certified Residential Specialist. This is one of the most sought after professional designations in the real estate industry. To obtain this designation, the agents had to complete 2 or more extensive classes, be in good standing within their own board and company, and have sold a bunch of houses!! If you are buying or selling property, be sure to look for and ask about CRS. With these agents, experience is on your side. They should be a real asset the the transaction.  
 If I can find homes for sale or place my own home for sale on the Internet, why do I need a real estate agent?
  The Internet and the various Web sites that list homes for sale are fantastic resources that the professional real estate community has embraced. If you are beginning your search for a home, please visit the professional Web sites sponsored by my associates, and .

The Internet can help you zero in on a neighborhood that you like, consider and evaluate more homes in less time, and provide a wealth of information about financing a home. The services of a real estate agent add value to your initial research. In preparing the home for sale, I can recommend small improvements that may add thousands of dollars to the value of the home. I can guide you through the many steps involved in financing and closing. And my skills as a negotiator can help you obtain the best price for a home, whether you are buying or selling.
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